Dishoom, the renowned Indian restaurant with its roots in Bombay, brings a vibrant and diverse culinary experience to Shoreditch, London. Drawing inspiration from the bustling Irani cafés of Bombay, Dishoom offers a menu filled with delicious and authentic dishes that showcase the flavors and traditions of Indian cuisine. From hearty breakfast options to delectable curries and flavorful snacks, here are the top ten menu items that are a must-try at Dishoom Shoreditch.

1. Bacon Naan Roll:

A beloved classic, the Bacon Naan Roll is a delightful fusion of British and Indian flavors. Soft, freshly baked naan is filled with perfectly cooked smoked streaky bacon, tangy tomato chili jam, fresh herbs, and a dollop of creamy cheese. This hearty breakfast roll is a comforting and flavorful way to start your day.

2. House Black Daal:

A signature dish at Dishoom, the House Black Daal is a slow-cooked black lentil curry that boasts rich, creamy flavors. Cooked for over 24 hours, the daal is simmered with tomatoes, cream, and a blend of spices, resulting in a velvety and indulgent dish that pairs perfectly with naan bread or fragrant rice.

3. Chicken Ruby:

A succulent and aromatic curry, the Chicken Ruby is a true crowd-pleaser. Tender pieces of chicken are cooked in a luscious tomato and butter gravy, infused with a blend of spices that deliver a delightful balance of flavors. Served with naan or rice, this dish is a must for curry lovers.

4. Pau Bhaji:

A popular street food delicacy from Mumbai, the Pau Bhaji is a medley of vegetables cooked with spices and served with soft, buttered buns. The vegetables are mashed to create a thick and flavorful bhaji, topped with a generous dollop of butter and served alongside warm buns for dipping. It’s a delightful and satisfying snack or light meal.

5. Okra Fries:

For a crispy and flavorful vegetarian treat, the Okra Fries are a must-try. Slender pieces of okra are delicately coated in a spiced batter and fried until golden and crunchy. Served with a tangy lime and chili dipping sauce, these addictive fries are a fantastic accompaniment to any Dishoom meal.

6. Lamb Raan:

A true showstopper, the Lamb Raan is a slow-cooked, tender leg of lamb marinated in a blend of spices, ginger, and garlic. Roasted until the meat is meltingly soft and infused with flavors, this dish is served with a rich and aromatic sauce, along with fragrant rice or naan bread. The Lamb Raan is a feast fit for a celebration.

7. Chilli Cheese Toast:

A popular snack from the Irani cafés of Bombay, the Chilli Cheese Toast is a delectable combination of melted cheese, diced peppers, and green chilies on toasted bread. The flavors are vibrant and the textures satisfyingly crispy and gooey. This dish is perfect for a quick bite or a sharing appetizer.

8. Dishoom Chicken Tikka:

The Dishoom Chicken Tikka is a succulent and flavorful rendition of the classic Indian dish. Tender chicken pieces are marinated in a blend of spices, yogurt, and lemon juice, then cooked in a tandoor oven to achieve a smoky and charred exterior. Served with a tangy coriander and mint chutney, it’s a true crowd-pleaser.

9. Malai Prawn:

For seafood enthusiasts, the Malai Prawn is a dish that shouldn’t be missed. Jumbo prawns are marinated in a creamy mixture of yogurt, ginger, garlic, and

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